Owain Roberts

Having had a profound interest in Geography since a young age, I decided to continue my interest within the subject by undertaking a Degree in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. During my studies I undertook a wide and varied amount of modules that combined Physical Geography and human Geography. Some of the modules that I participated in included volcanic activity and climate change, Geographies of the sustainable future, Geographies of food and Planet Earth.

My interest within sustainability continued into the final year of my studies where I based my dissertation on conflict between sustainability, language and the economy within a localized area in Wales. My studies taught me that conflict between language and the economy can have a detrimental effect on a minority language such as Welsh, although certain steps could be undertaken to develop the economy in a sustainable way.

Having lived on an organic farm all my life, I understand the importance of sustainability and making sure future generations have the same opportunities that our generation has had, and I hope in the time that I will spend at KMGNE will further enhance my knowledge within the subject. To conclude I firmly believe that with increased education and awareness on the pressing matters at hand that together we can make a difference for the future.

Arbeitsfelder: Renewable energy


E-Mail: Owainr@hotmail.co.uk

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