Lessons from the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment

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Plausible futures for economy in a world under increasing environmental strain

The Millennium Ecosystems Assessment: why is it important?
Rising awareness about change and degradation of ecosystems lead to a comprehensive study to elucidate our actual ecological situation: the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment (MA).
The MA is a high ranking initiative. It has been launched by the UN in 2001 and was completed 2005.
The MA provides options to stop the degradation of the earth´s life supporting system which produces numerous ecosystem services for human beings. These services are the basis of every economical activity. They are caused by biodiversity interacting with physical parts of landscapes like soil and water.
Quality of life and welfare are closely linked with ecosystem services. Their degradation is a loss of both, markets and diversity of markets. Degradation of ecosystems equals degradation of economy.
The MA provides approaches to cope with this very actual threat of human culture.
The good news is that the ability of the earth´s life supporting system to carry the human population is tremendous and sensitive management could achieve both: rising welfare and ecological stability.

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Im Auftrag der Weltbank, November 2006 by Dr. Manfred Ade, Dr. Joachim Borner, Prof. Walter Leal Filho

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