1. Juni 2012

Culture Education Media – International Conference

New Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development
The KMGNE presentation adresses media presentatives and multipliers as well as environmental protection stakeholders.

25-27 June 2012, Bonn Germany.

The International Summer University for „Audio-visual Communication-Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and the Impact of Global Warming“ – organised by the „Kolleg für Management und Gestaltung nachhaltiger Entwicklung“ (KMGNE), takes place in Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo and Berlin. The project makes use of journalistic and educational techniques as well as traditional mass media and digital means of communication. These multiple entry points to educational landscapes merge into the single „story universe“ of sustainable development. The main teaching methods are future scenarios, narrations, collaborative story telling and laboratories of ideas. The results will be screened at the workshop.

Nachhaltigkeit neu denken

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